More Information and Examples of Using
Personal Info Keeper

Save text in Personal Information Keeper and "drag and drop" this information into HTML forms and Windows applications.

Personal Information Keeper is the ideal system to:

All Personal Info Keeper information is stored in a tree structure of folders and items. Each folder can contain any number of other sub-folders and associated items. Information is moved using drag-and-drop technology with either OLE or the Windows Clipboard. Data can be stored in encrypted format and access may be optionally limited. The AES algorithm is used to encrypt the data and the user defined password is used to generate an encryption key.

Examples of Use Include:

Password Management Facility

Personal Info Keeper is the ideal tool for managing your passwords. With Personal Info Keeper, you can set a password and forget it. Whenever you want to use the password, simply drag it from Personal Info Keeper, to the application prompt.

Move passwords and signon to applications quickly 
and easily

Moving Multi-Line Text

In this example, a complete letter has been captured and saved into Personal Info Keeper. The letter is a standard reply format that is used repetitively within the organization. Instead of having to copy and paste the text from a "saved email", the text is simply dragged from Personal Info Keeper.

Easily copy multi-line emails and letters.

Bookmarks to Files and URLs

You may also define saved text as a "link". Use of this attribute will tell Personal Info Keeper to start an associated application. For example, if you save the text "//" as a link within Personal Info Keeper, then when you access this link, your browser will automatically be started. This will be true of any other url or file, where the file name suffix is associated with a Windows program.

This feature saves you more time and effort when you repeatedly access the same file or url.


To use Personal Info Keeper, you need the following:

What's New with Version 3.0?

Version 3.0 now includes the following new features:

In Personal Info Keeper Version 3.0, the settings on the Data File tab have been moved to the File Properties window.
The different types of text items have now been merged into a single "Text" item, which can include one or more lines of text.

What's New with Version 2.0?

Version 2.0 now includes the following new features:

What's New with Version 1.1?

Version 1.1 includes the following new features:

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